Proactive, flexible and responsive services, tailored to our clients’ needs

We specialise in building profile, prestige and reputation for our clients through a range of media and communications services.

Employing unrivalled communications expertise, we work with mainstream and digital media and engage with social media platforms to build clients' credibility, change perceptions and enhance their reputation.

We'll ensure your brand is seen and heard by local, regional, national and global audiences. We have top-level contacts in the media industry and are a trusted and ethical source of news.

It’s about what you communicate and how you communicate to customers, stakeholders and the public generally.

We know what you want to say, how and when to say it, and to whom. Let us tell your story the way it should be told. We have the contacts and expertise to get the right message out about your business to your potential customers.

Meehan Media & Comms builds reputations - and excellence in reputation builds brand value. We are proactive, flexible and available to our clients whenever they need us.

All organisations are different, so our services are tailored to your requirements and include:


Strategic Positioning

Using a range of media and communications channels we will ensure your business is perfectly positioned for commercial advantage.


Media Representation

Expert media representation from an experienced journalist and skilled communicator. We have long, strong and trusted relationships with local and national media and understand how to maximise coverage and profile.


Public Relations Plus

Much more than a press release. We have the know-how, connections and influence to maximise, minimise and manage media coverage through succinct and compelling story-telling.

Social Media Management

We manage directly, or influence indirectly, the reputation of clients across social media platforms through both proactive and reactive activity.


The "Red Pen"

Company literature; awards bid submissions; funding applications; speeches; media statements etc - an editor’s writing and editing skills bring precision and power to clients’ written and verbal communications.

Crisis Management

When challenges arise, we will calm the media storm, so clients can focus fully on addressing the issues within the business.

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